Kristina Bowman Smith

FASHION stylist and designer, Kristina Bowman-Smith, developed a discerning eye and love for fashion at a young age and has been styling and designing since the age of 10. This native of Buffalo, NY works with brides, corporate professionals and New York’s social elite. She is best known for enhancing a persons style/image by carefully guiding them out of their comfort zone and into a perfect marriage of fashion, confidence, and individuality. With her keen eye for detail and refreshing approach to styling, Kristina’s ability to simultaneously predict trends, and transcend them, has solidified her presence in an ever-changing industry. Her creative vision runs the gamut from masculine to feminine and from vintage to modern

Kristina started as a salesperson in retail and quickly moved up the ranks to top regional salespersons and eventual district management by far exceeding sales goals for companies like Estee Lauder, Guess and Coach. It was during this amazing 6 year retail experience that she gained a lot of her initial clientele which led her to work with business mogul Sundra Ryce, who helped open the door to many of her more reputable clients. Currently, Kristina’s work can be seen on countless newsstands, billboards, runways and red carpets.

“Rather it be creating a style on a client or sketching a design on paper, just to see them both come to life is an amazing feeling to me and I love it!! It's like a breath of fresh air!”

On the brink of being a household name in the fashion world, Kristina is actually more recognized for her relatable personality, lovable humble spirit and passion for God. It's these things that people are drawn to and have allowed many doors to open in her budding styling career. Kristina is currently mentoring 10 young fashionistas between the ages of 12 and 24. “I love it with all my heart. I have such a passion for helping others and giving back.” Kristina divides her time between New York, Michigan and California.


Le Mode Magazine's Top 50 Photographers of 2014

Styling, Essence Rising Stars, 2012-2014

Styling, Black Enterprise Magazine, 2011